The data shows that 85% of our graduates interview BETTER than people the employers are interviewing on the outside.

Data collected from our employer assessments show that: 

  • 85% of our graduates interview BETTER than people on the outside
  • 14% of our graduates interview the SAME as people on the outside
  • Less than 1% interview below average

The statistics demonstrate that graduates of the program: communicate well, are clear about their work values, answer interview questions directly and concisely, ask relevant questions, articulate their strengths and weaknesses, present their skills both verbally and on a resume, and address their criminal history briefly and with accountability. 

  • Scores of 5 = Exceptional

  • Scores of 4 = Above Average

  • Scores of 3 = Average

  • Scores of 2 = Below Average

  • Scores of 1 = Unsatisfactory


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