Employer Testimonials

“The employees we have hired from Prison to Employment Connection are more prepared for the workforce than 90% of other applicants we meet. They understand the importance of punctuality, reliability, and following directions; skills imperative in any industry. In addition, their strong work ethics have lifted the performance of their team members. We look forward to continue hiring graduates from this program. They are, indeed, an asset to our company."

Mischa Kubancik

Every Dog Has Its Daycare, Oakland, CA

“It was an exciting surprise to find that the men at the job fair were able to convey their dreams of moving on in such an articulate way.  They were not only very well prepared for their job interviews, but truly seemed to be ready for the job they were hoping to be hired for.  They were all about making eye contact, greeting me in a proper and engaging way, smiling earnestly, seeming both composed and relaxed.  Also, they were all able to speak frankly and openly in a very eloquent manner about their past, and of why they thought the job they were applying for was a good fit for them. Extraordinary!”

Gabriella Camara

Cala Restaurant, SF, CA

“The work you do with these men is outstanding. They are more interview-prepared than most people that I come across in my work! Thank you for changing my perspective on the incarcerated. This process has helped us view these individuals as just that...individuals. And not painting them with a wide-brush of 'ex-convicts' and the negative connotations that go along with that.”

Gina Falsetto


“I have worked in Social Enterprise for 18 years and working with the Prison Employment Connection participants and volunteers is one of the highlights of my career.  The men come to the workshop prepared and are eager to hear feedback.  It is a huge commitment to complete the program and it is an honor to work with these men on their path to gainful employment.”

Kevin McCraken

Social Imprints, SF, CA

Graduate Testimonials

“I learned life itself is an interview and how you show up determines where you end up.”

Eddie H.

“The thing that I have learned is that there are people willing to take a chance on me in spite of my past, which empowers, inspires and informs my future. Yes! I have inherent value!”

Mike A.

“I now realize that if I am willing to put in the work, that I have the ability to accomplish anything.”

Arthur R.

“It’s been 24 years since I experienced an interview. The class encouraged me to be inspired & believe in myself.”

Osbun W.

“I have changed my whole outlook on life. The PEC class has helped me open up and use the tools that I have learned in my self-help classes. It really taught me to smile more and just be myself.”

Altin J.

“What did I get from this program? I received a sense of confidence. Why? After spending the last 35 years in prison I had been constantly bombarded with negative images of how I will be perceived by employers as an ex-felon. Today, {after meeting employers} my faith has been restored.”

Quinton W.

“Even though I make a mistake in my life there is always someone willing to give me a second chance.”

William A.

“The most important thing I’ve learned is that honesty, open mindedness and passion can provide a drive that fuels previous adversity.”

Kahlil D.

“This class gave me a chance and I am grateful forever.”

Harwinder S.

“I’ve learned that I have marketable skills no matter how long I have been incarcerated.”

Bobby W.

“This experience is the absolute best this prison has to offer. Prison to Employment Connection allows you the opportunity to get hands on experience in developing interpersonally.”

Christopher S.

“I’ve been away from my profession for over 20 years and this class showed me I still have valuable skills that are sought after.

Elliott C.

“When I started this program I had definite ideas about what I would and wouldn't do regarding employment. After the positive results of a job interview, my ideas completely changed. Never discount the power of openness and honesty.

Christopher C.

“As I entered the program I was unsure and felt lost. Yet as time went {on}, with the help and understanding from the group, my hope and future became a plus once more in my life. I now have a positive outlook for my freedom and for my job search without being looked down upon.”

Tony M.

“The program did a wonderful job of preparing me for when I go free and step into the world of working.”

Lee G.

“I’ve learned to start something and finish it and I’ve learned to be honest and be myself.”

Jason G.

“I got two jobs and an apprenticeship program guaranteed. So my life as a struggling ex-con with the potential to snap is over. I have peace, confidence, dignity and a new life with a future I can be proud of. I’ve been saved by this class from a life of possible crime as a permanent option.”

Clenny T.

“After being locked up for the past 29 years, this class truly helped me get ready for release back into society. It also gave me confidence in society that I am not an outcast. The employers I met were all amazing and down to earth and they left me feeling human.

John G.

“This program gave me hope when I thought there was no hope for me. This class made me speak up when I would have said nothing and made me step out of my comfort zone.”

David T.

“This program has given me hope. Hope that my career isn’t over. It has motivated me and inspired me to pursue my goal.”

Zachariah M.

“I want to say that this program was the best! I have never been through anything like this or experienced anything like this. I want to thank all the employers who were there {at the job fair}.”

Larry C.

“I feel empowered and confident from participating in Prison to Employment Connection. I also get the sense that I can be a valued part of any community I parole to, and that my skills are marketable. I felt seen, acknowledged and I’m really hopeful about my future. I’m inspired and ready to contribute. ”

Gino S.

"Thank you so much for believing in us when everything else left us for dead.”

Lamount C.

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