Kevin McCracken

Executive Director
Kevin has been working in fair chance employment for 22 years. In 2015 while volunteering for the California Reentry Program in San Quentin he met Diana Williams, Co-Founder of Prison to Employment Connection. They have maintained a strong working relationship since, with Kevin sitting on the Advisory Board, as well as volunteering for Employer Day. Kevin's passion for helping his fellow human beings is infectious. After years of helping to run one of the most successful Social Enterprises in the country, Social Imprints, Kevin was ready for a change. In 2022 he went from volunteer to Executive Director, bringing his network, belief in change, and desire to rebuild the system to P2EC. While you might find Kevin hosting large events to spread the word about the vital work of our program, he is most at home and inspired when delivering our unique curriculum to the participants in San Quentin.
Noble Butler

Noble Butler

Prison to Employment Connection Co-Founder Thedo "Noble" Butler, went from being incarcerated to having to put his money where his mouth is. He was released from San Quentin State Prison In September 2018. During the time he has returned to the community, he has faced many challenges that tested his faith in the very process he preached. But now, Noble is gainfully employed with two companies; at a tech company and a non-profit. He has taken the steps to be a productive, contributing member of the community and striving to embody the values that Prison to Employment Connection hopes to inspire in all its participants.
gabrielle nicolet

Gabrielle Nicolet

Gabrielle first became involved with Prison to Employment Connection while volunteering with the California Reentry Program. As a former probation officer and professional writer, Gabrielle now combines her interests in both criminal justice and writing as a Legal Assistant for The Law Offices of Elizabeth Grossman, a criminal defense law firm in Berkeley. She enjoys helping people navigate the criminal justice system and make positive changes in their lives. Gabrielle has a Bachelor's degree in English from Northern Illinois University and is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW).
Lisa Trustin

Lisa Trustin

Lisa Trustin has been a vocational expert and career counselor in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 15 years. She volunteered for the Prison to Employment Connection program to use her understanding of people that navigate challenging life and work transitions to help men affected by crime and incarceration transform their lives through work. Lisa is honored to witness the deep transformation that they experience as a result of their commitment and hard work in the program. Lisa has a B.A., Business Administration, University of Colorado, an M.A. Career Development, JFK University, Pleasant Hill, and also serves on the scholarship committee for the Dipsea Race, Mill Valley, and volunteers at Halleck Creek Ranch, Nicasio.

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