Sumer Schulze

Sumer Schulze

Executive Director
Sumer Schulze brings a wealth of experience in nonprofit leadership and administration. She has a proven track record of building strong organizations and creating lasting impact. Sumer is dedicated to Prison to Employment Connections mission of facilitating successful reentry through meaningful and sustainable employment. Beyond her professional achievements, she possesses a unique talent for making connections and fostering collaboration within, and beyond, the organization. In her free time, Sumer finds solace and inspiration in the great outdoors, which fuels her energy and dedication to our cause.

Diana Williams

Founder & BOD Director
Diana founded Prison to Employment Connection to address one of the most important needs for incarcerated people released back into society: A Job. She began the program by writing a curriculum and reaching out to potential employers. She invited them to come into San Quentin to interview the men after they completed the classes. During the first session in 2014, Diana saw dramatic changes in the men. They not only articulated their skills well and interviewed beautifully, but they became hopeful about the future and came to value their self-worth. Being a part of that transformation was all Diana needed to dedicate the next 8 years to teaching job readiness skills and supporting her students. Diana brought her experience in non-profit development from the Environmental Defense Fund in New York City, and as the Director of Development at the Head-Royce School in Oakland and the Coral Reef Alliance in San Francisco. Diana holds a B.A. in Psychology, an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University in New York and is a Certified Life Coach. Working with Prison to Employment Connection is among the most rewarding and inspiring experiences in her life.
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Gabrielle Nicolet

Program Director
Gabrielle is a criminal defense attorney based in Berkeley. After earning her Bachelor's Degree in English, she worked as a juvenile probation officer and professional writer, including becoming a Certified Professional Resume Writer. She ultimately decided to combine her interests in criminal justice and writing by pursuing a career in the legal field. In 2018, Gabrielle was accepted into the California State Bar's Law Office Study Program, a 4 year apprenticeship program that allows participants to pursue a law license without attending law school. After completing more than 3,500 hours of legal study and hands-on training, she successfully completed the program in 2022 and passed the California Bar Exam in February 2023. Gabrielle worked as a paralegal in state and federal criminal defense for over 6 years prior to opening her solo law practice. She is passionate about criminal justice and prison reform and has been a volunteer at San Quentin since 2015.

Advisory Board

Lonnie Tuck Prison to Employment Connection Advisory Board

Lonnie Tuck

John Windham, Prison to Employment Connection Advisory Board

John Windham

Tejas Gala, Prison to Employment Connection Advisory Board

Tejas Gala

Dan Wohl, Prison to Employment Connection Advisory Board

Dan Wohl

Kevin McKracken, Prison to Employment Connection Advisory Board

Kevin McCracken

Steven emrick

Steven Emrick

Zach Moore, Prison to Employment Connection Advisory Board

Zach Moore

Tom Lacey, Prison to Employment Connection Advisory Board

Tom Lacey

Patrick Lacey, Prison to Employment Connection Advisory Board

Patrick Lacey

Our Employers

We have over forty P2EC Partners who hire returning citizens.
They represent the following job sectors:

Prison to Employment Connection Employers San Quentin

P2EC Partners also include a dozen Support Service and Job Placement agencies to further assist participants in finding gainful employment.

Animal Care
Health Care
Screen Printing

“The employees we have hired from Prison to Employment Connection are more prepared for the workforce than 90% of other applicants we meet. They understand the importance of punctuality, reliability, and following directions; skills imperative in any industry. In addition, their strong work ethics have lifted the performance of their team members. We look forward to continue hiring graduates from this program. They are, indeed, an asset to our company.”

Mischa Kubancik

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